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Protect the information you have to disclose with a confidentiality agreement.

If you are planning to do business with another individual, company or other entities wherein you would need to disclose valuable information in order for both parties to understand each other's processes, it is important to secure such information to prevent unauthorised disclosure for the good of your own company.

We, therefore, strongly suggest you enter into a Confidentiality Agreement, also known as, a Non Disclosure Agreement. We offer a variety of confidentiality agreement templates that are suited for different circumstances.

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All of our confidentiality templates are written by a qualified, experienced solicitor. The agreements are comprehensive and up to date with the law in England & Wales. We're able to offer you great reductions on solicitor fees as these are confidentiality agreement templates which you can easily edit yourself, plus, we provide explanatory notes to explain the clauses and help you complete the confidentiality agreement yourself.

What you'll get with your purchase:

Professionally drawn confidentiality agreement
PLUS we give you explanatory notes
PLUS a completed confidentiality agreement example

Save Money!

Get a comprehensive confidentiality agreement written by an experienced solicitor for a fraction of the solicitor fees you'd usually incur.


Save Time!

You'll be able to formalise your confidentiality agreement in no time with our simple to download and complete agreement.

confidentiality agreement in word format and PDF format

Our confidentiality documents are available for instant download in a Microsoft WordTM or Adobe Acrobat PDF formats.

We keep it simple, just 4 easy steps:

1. Choose the right document and add it to your shopping cart

2. Complete your purchase through PayPal (no need to register)

3. Check your email for your receipt and download code

4. Download your document, edit & use
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Complete Confidentiality Pack

Confidentiality Pack - Great value for money 3 essential documents for people/businesses who need to keep their information confidential.

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Confidentiality Agreement Template

A comprehensive confidentiality agreement template written by an experienced solicitor. Save time and money.

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